Vibrant and connecting conferences and events

  • We use art and body as a bridge for communication and integration
  • We inspire people to shape from the future and to explore in this new paths
  • We are convinced, that the "imaginal approach" is more supporting to the development of human potential than predominantly cognitive and verbal formats
  • We stand for a holistic learning approach, the heart, mind and body reconnected
  • We see our work as a contriution to a more essential and tangible world

How we work

We create surprising and creative elements beyond drowsy and linear sequences.

Through these tools we create a lively connection both between the participants and with your event.

In our designs, we try to address as many levels of perception as possible in order to convey the contents in a wide variety of ways.

We are working with methods that makes the content and topics more tangible and thereby become more comprehensive.

For example with the translation of cognitive contents via associative, artistic media or also short arranged interspaces in which a deepened integration can take place.

Playful and humorous elements to getting to know each other are just as part of our repertoire.

What we offer

We develope individual formats and cycles for your event, based on your intention and content. We also re-design your excisting event considering your wishes and co-create the best solution with you.


Our offer includes a range from short thematically designed elements to integration creations for the interstices or as far as complex developed choreographies of your whole event, including all form details.

We also offer you co-creative formats in which you can further develop your content-related questions with your "co-creators" and thus shape the future.


In order to develop your event in that sense, we offer consultation, conception, realization for congresses, conferences, speeches, symposiums, meetings, seminars, workshops, celebrations and events.

Who we are

We are a network of research and experiment oriented cultural creatives who love to develop participatory and human-warm learning spaces in order to put future relevant topics into adequate formats.




Friederike von Aderkas
Simon Schramm
Andreas Duda

Beate Simon

Dirk Adams

Janus Hamann

Nicoletta Geiersbach

Rüdiger Schödel

'Tell me and I forget.

Show me and I remember.

Let me do and I understand.'

Confucius (553 – 473 v. Chr.)